Class Descriptions



Foundation is just that! This class gives you the building blocks to lay a solid and safe foundation for your yoga practice. Foundation is perfect for new yogis stepping on the mat for the 1st time or those returning from a long break. It's also great for students looking to refine alignment in their practice. In this 1-hour class we will break down the alignment of basic poses, bring awareness to the breath and the role it plays to aid you in your practice. Yoga doesn't have to be serious. Bring your smile, a sense of humor, and get ready to have some fun! 


Rise & Align

Start your day off right by aligning with your body, breath, and intention to find the perfect balance of ease an stability both on and off the mat.  In this class we will bring awareness to imbalances hidden in the body and work to bring them into harmony through more slowly paced, deliberate movement assisted by the use of props, breathwork and meditation techniques.   Expect to work hard and build up a sweat as you develop strength, flexibility, balance and concentration.  Beginners and experienced yogis alike will leave with new discoveries and a sense of what it means to truly be aligned!  


Slow flow

Unplug from the outside world and reconnect with your body, breath, and pure awareness. Movement will be slow and strength building, allowing time to settle into each pose and explore the way it feels in your body. Cues will emphasize safe alignment and slow, fluid movement, allowing space for you to listen in to what your body needs and wants in any given moment. Perfect for anyone interested in developing strength on all levels - body, mind, awareness, and just being. This class is non-heated.



This All Levels class flows seamlessly, linking breath and movement leading to discovery that lies in-between the push and pull within us all.  Specific alignment cues are given throughout to keep you safe. Each class is uniquely woven together by the teacher, so every time you step on the mat is a new journey.  Set to groovy tunes to accompany you on the mat. (warmed 85 degrees)


Vinyasa 2-3

Advanced yogis, get ready to amp up your practice and raise your vibration with this fast-paced, vigorous vinyasa class. Vinyasa 2-3 is laced with advanced postures and transitions, with opportunities to explore inversions and arm balances.  Yogis should have a regular practice and be knowledgeable of pose names. Get ready to explore your edge and redefine what's possible! (heated 80-85 degrees)



Yoga Sculpt is Wild Heart Yoga’s version of yoga with weights! This yoga class is done with Bala Bangles, 1lb. weights that you wear around your wrists and ankles. Bangles give the benefit of weights while leaving your hands and feet free so you can move safely while building strength! In this class you’ll experience elements of strength, plyometrics and cardio through a mix of vinyasa flow and yoga drills. Teachers give a variety of options to take down or amplify your practice making his class All-Levels friendly.



Can't decide between a warming Vinyasa class or a gooey Yin class?  We gotcha covered!  Vin/Yin is 30 minutes of a juicy slow flow to warm the body up, followed by 30 minutes of surrender to restore and fall into deeper mediation.  All Levels (Warmed 80-85 degrees)



Restore is the Yin to your yoga practice, where Vinyasa and Power are the Yang.  Vinyasa and Power focus more on the muscular structure; Restore brings the focus to the connective tissue, ligaments and joints of the body.  This is mostly a floor-based practice, holding postures for longer periods of time and often accompanied with props. Get ready to feel like a wet spaghetti noodle when you leave the studio.  Yoga Stoned- it's a thing!



This is an all-levels, all-trimesters class to support expecting mamas physically, mentally and emotionally throughout pregnancy. Find community with other moms-to-be, connection with yourself and your baby, and get a workout, too! 


Kids Yoga

Yoga for the youngins! This class is a mix of yoga, yoga-inspired games, arts and crafts, meditation and breath techniques that keep ‘em moving, thinking and playing! Ages 4-12 years (must be potty-trained).



Let nature into your practice during a class on our beautiful, tree-lined yoga deck! Look for outdoor classes on our schedule as weather permits!