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7 Reasons To Go On Yoga Retreat

  1. Take Time For You

    Day in and day out we give to our partners, kids, friends, jobs. Early mornings and late nights are often spent racing from one thing to the next, whether it be the multiple tabs on the computer, the dishes-laundry-cooking dinner, meetings with the boss, conference calls with the team, shuttling for your kids shuttling them from school to soccer practice to play dates (anyone else around here feels like an unpaid Uber driver?!)…. the list goes on. When’s the last time you’ve set aside time for you? Not bath time, but real time? Life is all about duality and the opposite of Give is to Receive. Yoga retreats give you the time to be on the receiving end.

  2. Meet New People

    Most folks seeking yoga retreats are looking for similar things- peace, connection, high vibes. So you’ll already have that in common! While some may travel with a friend or spouse, many go alone, so you’ll have the opportunity to cultivate new friendships, see new perspectives, and broaden your human connection.

  3. Connect With Nature

    In this fast paced world of noise, concrete, steel, and clunkiness, we often feel like a Pin Ball in an arcade game, getting jostled all over the place. We’ve become so used to to the banging back and forth, we’ve accepted High Stress and Anxiety as the the norm. Get your feet in dirt. Nature, it’s a lot cheaper than therapy and prescription drugs. There is absolutely a place for both of these things in our world, but let’s not forget the healing power of Mother Nature! Research shows that bring in nature reduces anxiety, fear and stress and increase feelings of peace and happiness. Not only does nature effect our emotions, it’s been shown that it can lower blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. Some research shows it may even help us to live a longer healthier life!

  4. Surround Yourself With Positive Energy

    Yoga Retreats are curated around creating positive vibes! Mama Nature is already there to give off her healing energy. Couple that with the positive vibration from teachers and students, you’ll be enveloped in heart-centered positive energy. It’s a welcomed detour from the stressful (though important) family vacations to amusement parks and Thanksgiving with the entire fam.

  5. Deepen Your Yoga + Meditation Practice

    One of the main reasons yogis seek yoga retreats is to dive deeper into their practice. But yoga retreats can even be reprieve for those brand new to yoga! There are many All-Level yoga retreats, which means they are safe for all- those brand new to yoga and seasoned practitioners. Reach out to a retreat teacher and ask if their retreat is All-Levels. My guess is it is. Yoga is about so much for than the poses! Being in an intimate setting with students and teachers can give the opportunity for a customized experience with more attention to detail, space to ask questions and self inquiry. Private lessons are often available during retreat as well.

  6. Indulge In Unique Experiences

    Most retreats include workshops, excursions, volunteer opportunties for a unique experience! Workshops can have a vast range of so many topics: on the science of gratitude, forgiveness, healing past wounds, intention setting, chakras, crystals…there are so many! Depending on where on this beautiful Earth you you’re retreating, you may find yourself hiking in the mountains, surfing in the ocean, sunset sailing, hugging a tree in the Redwoods, volunteering at animal sanctuaries or in a community or village helping with basic needs.

  7. Re-Align and Re-Connect With You Purpose

    Yoga Retreats are a great time to get still and question what it is you want with this wildly beautiful life of yours. What are the things pulling at your heart? How could you take steps to living your life with intention? Learn how to switch the auto-pilot light off and to choose each day what you want your life to look, feel, and be like. Surrounding yourself with new people, nature, positive energy, diving into the wellness practice of yoga and meditation, and opening your heart to new experiences all work on the path to support your connection with the one person you get to spend every second of your life with - YOU.

Stay Wild,

  1. Wild Heart Yoga is retreating this November. Join us for Gratitude & Grace: A Yoga Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico November 2nd-7th.

    November is all about Gratitude. It’s the start of the holiday season, which often turns to the crazy-making season real quick. Rooted in the practice of Gratitude, we’ll dive deep into what it means to live a life of gratitude year round and fund the tools we need to keep us grounded so we stay aligned with what the holiday season is all about!

In an oceanside private villa, surrounded by Mama Earth, we’ll explore yoga, meditation and excursions through:

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation

  • Gratitude Workshop & Journaling

  • Moonlight Manifestation Workshop

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Crystal Workshop

  • Intuitive Readings

  • Sound Healing

  • Daily Free Time

  • Sunset Sailing

    Also Included

  • 3 Healthy Meals by Private Chef

  • Daily Coffee, Tea, Green Juice

  • Some Alcoholic Beverage

  • 5 Nights/ 6 Days in a Villa Made of Dreams

    Join us by clicking on our Retreat Tab!