Studio Etiquette


Arrive 10-15 minutes before class starts.  We understand Austin traffic, so students are permitted to enter within the first 5 minutes of class, but please do so quietly.  Students arriving later than 5 minutes will have to wait until the next available class.  Thank you for helping us hold space for our students already in moving meditation.

Parking.  We have parking available in front of W.H.Y and a parking lot behind the studio.  To enter the lot behind the studio, take the driveway into Westlake Medical Center, stay right and you will see our gate.  Please note that absolutely NO parking is allowed in the Westlake Medical Center lot.  THEY WILL TOW.

Please sign in at the front desk BEFORE setting up your mat in the studio.

Leave your cell phone outside of the studios.  We have to disconnect from outside distractions so we can connect within!  If being without your phone stresses you out, pretend you live in the 80’s and there’s no such thing as a cell phone.  It can be quite liberating!

Remove your shoes before entering the studios.  Kick your shoes off and place them in a cubby or locker and stay awhile!

Cubbies are available inside the studio for your personal belongings. Wild Heart Yoga is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Please stay for the entire class.  If you have to leave early, please let the teacher know before class and set up near the exit so you can leave as quietly as possible.  This should be in case of emergency or for special circumstances only.   This is not allowed as a common practice.  Know that Savasana is built into every single class, and it is the most important pose of the practice.  Stay.  Please stay.

Yoga is an intimate experience and in heated classes we sweat a lot!  Please be mindful of personal hygiene and respect your neighbors.

Please wipe down mats and sweat that may have pooled over your mat during class.

Age Requirement 15+.  Students 15 years old or over are welcome to join us on the mat. Students less than 18 years old must have a minor waiver signed in person at the studio by a parent or guardian.

Minor Policy- Minors may not be left unattended in the lobby or on the studio property. No exceptions. This policy is in place to keep everyone safe. Thank you for understanding.

Questions, comments about a class, pose or theme?  We love hearing your feedback!  Our teachers are excited to be here to support your practice and are always eager for feedback. Email us at